2020 Year in Review: from a Photographer’s Perspective

2020 Year in Review: from a photographer’s perspective

2020. The year a global pandemic took over the world, and threw the photography industry into strife. I’m sure we’re all sick of hearing the dreaded C word – Coronavirus / Covid – but in a 2020 Year in Review, it’s inevitable. In fact, in many ways the pandemic has taught us to better appreciate what we have and remember why it is we do what we do !

First of all:

Thank you to all the wonderful couples that I photographed this year.

Thank you to all the wedding vendors that I got to work side by side with this year. We are all in the same boat.

And a special thank you to the special group of photographers I called family. Thank you for your support.

Now, onto my 2020 Year in Review, all the highs and lows included.

2020 Year in Review: A timeline

Jan to mid-March 

Smooth sailing! The year was looking great with 15 weddings already under my belt. We were settling in to what looked to be another great year. While inklings of the novel coronavirus had begun making their way to Australia towards the end of this period, all the concerns seemed quite far away. As they say, ignorance is bliss.

Mid-March to July 

COVID hit. Heuston, we have a problem. All weddings were either cancelled or postponed to the end of the year or to 2021. If all goes well, it’s looking to be a very busy 2021 ! Small businesses were dealt some of the biggest blows of the pandemic. In the photography industry, the lack of weddings, studio closures and staff being stood down meant that photographers sought other types of work. The JobKeeper subsidy was key to keeping many small businesses afloat during this challenging time.

On a more positive note, while our industry is built on capturing others’ happiness, this time forced us all to slow down and appreciate our own. I went back to the basics, and remembered why I loved capturing moments through my cameras in the first place.

August to September

The bigger weddings remained postponed and only a few small intimate weddings continued. The pandemic still seemed quite insurmountable.

October to December

Things started getting back to normal. Finally ! Despite a few hiccups in recent weeks, things are looking up. It was energising getting back to doing what I love after a couple months of uncertainty.

2021 is looking to be a very busy year with over 50 weddings already booked.

2020 Year in Review: On a more personal note

On a more personal note, it was a year to stay positive and enjoy what we have.

Our end-of-year family holiday to Japan was cancelled due to travel restrictions and all the uncertainties around the world. While this was disappointing, it meant that we got to explore parts of Sydney and NSW that we hadn’t previously seen as a family, and appreciate our home state.

My son graduated from high school and completed his HSC this year. I’m super proud of him for getting into the course he was hoping to study at university. My daughter was offered an internship while studying full-time at university. She was later offered a permanent role with the company! Special thank you to my wifey for the mental support during the tough times when things went from Hero to Zero within a week.

This 2020 year in review sure wasn’t the kind of wrap-up I thought I’d be writing at the start of the year. Congratulations to all for weathering the storm this year. Through it all, 2020 strengthened communities and reminded us how challenges can help us better appreciate what we already have. Here’s hoping for a better 2021 !

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2020 Year in Review: from a photographer’s perspective

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